How I Started Stamping

    Dinah Designs began in 2011 when I decided to make custom feather hair clips for some extra cash. 

    I didn't want my name on my store so I decided to try something different. The name Dinah comes from my love of Alice in Wonderland. Most people don't know it but Dinah is the name of Alice's cat. The hair clip business went on a hiatus after about a year, never to return. 

    In June of 2015 I decided to give hand stamped jewelry a try. Originally, I was invited to a friends popular named expensive jewelry party. (You know, the ones where you have to look at all kinds of pretty jewelry that you can't take home with 

you so you eat a bunch of junk food, overspend and go home and wait for it to arrive so you can remember what you even bought!) I ended up purchasing a really cute necklace that had two charms on it. One with my son's initial and one with my fiance's initial. I believe I spent over $50 on it. The charms were made to look stamped but they weren't.

    When I saw the necklace, I had that "I can make that!" moment that I have had soooo many times before! The very next day I was at my local craft store over spending on all of the tools I would need to get started. A generic stamp set, the wrong hammer, a very expensive blank variety pack... the works. I made a few bracelets and posted a picture online. There was immediate interest from friends! 

    Within a few days I had sold enough beginners jewelry to friends and family to pay for the supplies I just bought. I was then hooked. I keep expanding on fonts and jewelry styles and I don't see an end in the near future.. And I am loving every second of it!!