2017 - A New Year, A New Dinah Designs

Posted by Casey Beatty on

First, I want to thank everyone that has been with me through my journey for the last year and a half. It has been amazing and I wouldn't be here without you! Also, thank you to all of the newbies that are just now joining me. I hope you stick around to see all of the great things that are coming!

The first thing you will see this year is the brand new stainless steel materials! The gorgeous, thick, sturdy materials are hypoallergenic and WILL NOT TARNSH! This means you will get to enjoy your Dinah Designs jewelry without concern of it changing colors or rusting. Awesome, right?!?

Everyday, I work on something to improve my product, branding, service, marketing, something! You might not notice it but every single day, I work on SOMETHING to make my product better for you! This year is sure to show you that I am committed to continue to grow and make it a better year than the last!

Stay tuned to see what tricks I have up my sleeve for the near future!

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